About Damon


I enjoy using my abilities and experience to accelerate the mission of JFP by helping shape a Christ-centered culture of flourishing staff, healthy leaders and effective teams.

I was born in Florida but grew up in southern California. I graduated from Redlands High School in the early 80’s then headed to college at Cal Poly Pomona, near Los Angeles. As a 19-year-old freshman my world was turned upside down after a doctor visit for headache pain became a rush to the neurological intensive care unit at a local hospital. The X-rays showed I had a growth on the right side of the brain. Suddenly, I faced questions few teenagers ask and no one could answer with certainty. Was I going to die? Would I live to finish college? Did I have much time left?

But God was at work even before I faced those questions. He was unfolding a plan for my life that’s taken me far beyond that February morning in 1982 when surgeons removed a tumor, described as the size and shape of an ice cream cone. My recovery since then is as complete as it could be this side of heaven.

For 40 years I’ve experienced a different life because friends at college showed a 19-year-old facing mortality how to have a relationship with God. During my years at Cal Poly my view of life and truth started to shift and I became involved with the ministry of Cru. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and chose to join the staff of Campus Crusade in 1988. I’ve been involved in the outreach of Cru for more than 33 years.

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