About Valerie

valerie-20-500x750Valerie works with Jesus Film Mission Trips. Volunteers from the body of Christ go on short-term trips to evangelize using Jesus Film products and tools.

Our experienced team leaders provide safe and meaningful mission experiences for teams ranging from 5 to 30 participants. Teams travel to more than 30 different countries. They distribute copies of the “JESUS” film, host large outdoor film showings or present short films to students on college campuses.

As a result, many viewers come to know Christ personally.

“I was born in Texas and grew up mostly in Edgewood, New Mexico, a few miles East of Albuquerque. We moved to New Mexico shortly after my Dad retired from the Air Force. Edgewood was a small community back then. While growing up I went with my family to church regularly. I always believed God was there and knew that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but it never occurred to me that you could actually know God in a personal way. I really didn’t understand until my junior year in college when a friend explained this to me. I realized that being a good person was not going to get me to God because I was still sinful no matter how hard I tried. Jesus was the only one who could save me and provide the way for me to go to God in total freedom and forgiveness.

At that point God became more real to me. The Holy Spirit was in me causing a change of heart and giving me new desires. I still struggle with sin but now I know my sins are forgiven because of his death on the cross.

Soon after my new decision I got involved with the Cru ministry at UNM which helped me grow more deeply in my faith. After I graduated I worked as a Registered Nurse for a few years, but during those years I felt God was tugging at my heart to become involved with Campus Crusade on a vocational basis. After much prayer I decided to become a full-time staff member of this ministry and I’ve been involved for more than 30 years.”

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